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WIRE Dusseldorf 2022 - Hall 13/C30

fiera WIRE Dusseldorf 2022

Corti Domenico S.r.l together with ITAYA ENGINEERING participates in the WIRE 2022 exhibition in Dusseldorf.

THE ITAYA ENGINEERING is the leading machinery manufacturer of spring making machine, coiling machine and forming machine.

The following machines are presented at the exhibition:

Coiling machine CX-8B with spinner

wire range 0.10-0.80

Coiling machine PCX-12

wire range 0.20-1.20

Multislider MX-20B

wire range 0.50-2.00

Multislider MX-40A

wire range 1.50-4.00

strip: max width 8 mm, thickness depends on the material and its width

Multislider MCR-4

wire range 0.05-0.40

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